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DesignEverything - Interior design - PDMC interior
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‘interior design’

PDMC interior

“Paul and Hannah worked tirelessly on this, from concept to installation”

Paul and Hannah introduced a dynamic concept to this space, where the majority of the room is light in colour and has an open airy feel, while the window area contrasts this with a ‘hotzone’ of intense colour.

This area has particular relevance as the window looks over the canal to the main premises... and orange is their brand colour. It’s the atmospheric equivalent of a shot of espresso!.. good for sparks of creativity but only in small doses!

Another success is the ‘self referential’ mural - it’s a view of the room itself, as if taken from the point of entrance. The medium of choice, inspired by Hannah's 1960s collection, is pinart! (or at least that’s what we call it, people used to call it ‘nailart’, but that moniker seems to have been pinched by the fancy-finger-nail-glittery stuff! - PB)