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Methodist Heritage brand

We were chosen to create an identity to help unite all the heritage sites that are linked to the Methodist Church around the UK.

The chosen route is based around an abstract collection of triangles, this scattering of ‘shards’ of colour reveals the Methodist ‘orb and cross’ rendered in the negative space at the centre.

This mark is coupled with a typeface that includes some glyphs such as ligatures (that’s graphic designers ‘nerd talk’ for the linked ‘st’ and ‘it’ seen in the logo). We were inspired by some of the handwritten relics found within the Methodist Church museum where some of the writing and spelling looks pretty unorthodox these days!

This research and the results of the ‘brand workshops’ held by our client Jo Hibbard provided a useful part of the brief and helped us create a marque that was just right and is being adopted across the UK